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Successful cases, expert and committed legal advisors, domestic and international certificates all confirm one thing and that success is 100% in our voice in resolving legal disputes and the right of the applicants to the claims. Welcome to The Official Website of Dadban Edalat Yadegarian Arbitration Institute. Take free online consultation time for Resaur today

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Iran’s justice system handles 15 million cases annually. Resolving disputes in judicial cases takes a long time and sometimes takes years to respect the rights of the parties to the disputes. While, at the opposite point, arbitration institutions are investigating the case and issuing votes and resolving disputes in a much faster time and in observance of the procedures of the investigation. The maximum time required for arbitration institutions is three months

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Arbitration institutions do not need to undo stamps, meet demands, and pay for the processing (5.2 to 5.5% of the total demands). Also, the presence of a lawyer is not required in the arbitration. The parties can also attend the meetings in the agreement. Therefore, there are not many fees required for payment in judicial authorities through arbitration

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Arbitration-legal institutions have several duties. One of the most important duties of arbitration institutions is to resolve disputes between the parties. Today, there are more than 12,000 arbitration institutions in our country. Unfortunately, legal knowledge and expertise are not required to obtain the license of institutions and many of these companies and institutions are managed by non-professionals

The commitment and expertise of the two drivers are very important. Undoubtedly, the transfer of their legal files to institutions that their referees are reviewing without the necessary knowledge and expertise will not only cause the right to be entitled, but will also face many problems and will delay the solution for months. Therefore, it is better to hire committed and expert referees after necessary studies and recognition of reputable institutions. Fortunately, The Dadban Edalat Yadegarian (DEY) Arbitration Institute Is ready to provide special legal services to you as well as our dear citizens by utilizing an experienced, committed, expert and graduated team at domestic and foreign universities

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Financial law

Financial disputes between individuals make up a large volume of justice cases. You can get your desired result by referring to arbitration faster

International Arbitration

Resolving disputes acaused by foreign contracts seeks special expertise, justice justice yadegarian arbitration institute and its international expert team are ready to help you

Domestic Arbitration

Justice Yaderian Arbitration Institute is ready to assist and resolve your legal disputes by having an experienced, expert and committed team of referees and legal advisors

Family law

Arbitration in divorce is mandatory. The spouses can submit their case to the arbitration institute at the request of the court or at the request of the judge. Read more

Insurance law

Accept claims and resolve disputes regarding insurance, between insurance entities and companies as well as respected workers and employers. Contact us today

Property law

Nowadays, buying property is one of the most stressful legal affairs. To set up a detailed email, please contact us on the necessary arbitration requirement

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So far, more than 12,000 arbitration institutions have been registered in Iran. But do all these institutions have legal expertise and commitment and are the referees of these institutions graduated in Iranian and international law

The answer is no. It is not necessary to have a bachelor’s degree and legal education in the establishment of the arbitration institute. Accordingly, many of these institutions lack this very important feature

Fortunately, the Court of Justice Yadegarian Is a referee with referees and expert legal team to help you. To make sure you are more loved by all these scientific and specialized documents available on the website

 The arbitration has issued a vote on what was not the matter of arbitration

The decision is outside the limits of the authority of the the author

The decision of the arbitration has been issued after the expiration of the arbitration period

 The vote was issued by arbitration that was not authorized to issue a vote

 The referral contract to arbitration will be invalid

 The decision of the arbitration is contrary to the rules of the right-to-be; such as officially regulated documents

Arbitration institutions can enter in all contractual and non-contractual disputes, both domestic and international, in accordance with the Civil Proceedings of Iran. Financial-commercial disputes and any disputes that have been granted to arbitration institutions by this Law

In addition to the legal knowledge, skill and expertise required to be arbitration, in accordance with Article 469 of the Civil Proceedings Act, the following persons cannot be designated as the arbitration, unless they are satisfied with the parties

Those under the age of 25 years old
Those who are in favor of the parties
Those who have causal or relative to second degree to one of the parties Those who are the companions of the parties
Those who are the inheritance of themselves or their spouses are the companions of the parties
Those who have a fight with one of the parties or with persons who have relative or causal relationship to the second degree with one of the companions of the fight, have a criminal hearing in the past or present
Those who have either their spouses or one causal or relative or partial or second-degree relatives have civil proceedings with one of the companions of the fight or the wife or one of the relative or causal relatives to the second degree
Government employees in the field of their mission

The answer is positive

Referral exceptions to arbitration are five cases. This means that arbitration institutions cannot enter in five cases

 Criminal cases (such as murder, theft, fraud, etc.) are in the jurisdiction of the courts, criminal courts and revolution

Marriage or termination

 Divorce (for divorce is only possible by referral to the court of the Arbitration Institute)

 Ancesplasty Claims


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خرید خودرو اگر با تنظیم قولنامه صحیح و دقیق نباشد و تاریخ های پرداخت، نوع پرداخت، امکان فسخ و مواردی از این قبیل به درستی توسط کارشناس حقوقی تنظیم و پیش بینی نشده باشد، بدون شک طرفین در آینده نه چندان دور دچار مشکل خواهند شد. ما بسیار خوشحالیم که مشتریان ما از این نظر نیاز هیچ گونه نگرانی نخواهند داشت، چرا که تیم حقوقی مؤسسه دادبان عدالت یادگاریان مجری تمام قرادادهای ما و ضامن آن ها می باشند.

  • مجتبی علوی
  • نمایشگاه اتومبیل ستاره

بسیاری از پرونده های مالی، بیمه، تجاری اشخاص حقیقی بدون نیاز به مراجعه به مراجع قضایی و صرف هزینه و زمان زیاد قابل حل و فصل می باشند. افتخار مؤسسه حقوقی ما همکاری با مؤسسه داوری شماست. افتخار ما حل و فصل منازعات حقوقی موکلینمان با همکاری مؤسسه داوری شماست. به امید موفقیت روز افزون.

  • رضا زندی
  • وکیل پایه یک دادگستری

خرید و فروش ملک جزء پر استرس ترین و پر ریسک ترین معاملات است. اگر قراردادهای منعقد شده، دارای اعتبار حقوقی لازم نباشند قطعاً طرفین متضرر خواهند شد. ما خوشحالیم که تیم حقوقی و داوری موسسه دادبان عدالت یادگاریان مشاور و مجری قراداد های ما هستند و همچنین در صورت بروز هرگونه اختلاف ناشی از قراردهای منعقد شده به یاری ما و مشتریان ما می آیند تا در سریع ترین زمان ممکن اختلافات حل و فصل گردد. همکاری با این موسسه قدرتمند موجب جلب اعتماد مشتریان ما و همچنین افزایش مشتریان ما نسبت به سایر همکاران شده است. با تشکر از شما.

  • امیر کریمی
  • مشاورین املاک بیهق

با ارجاع پرونده طلاق من و همسرم  از جانب قاضی دادگاه خانواده خیابان شفا، به این مؤسسه روند پرونده طلاق بسیار با سرعت تر از دادگاه پیگیری شد و به نتیجه مطلوب مد نظر رسیدیم. با تشکر از مدیر عامل و تیم داوران و حقوقی.

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