Familiarity with the subject of Arbitration and the competence of arbitration institutions

The legislator shall, in turn, fight the parties to see an arbitrator in order to resolve their dispute. By using this right, the parties are fighting instead of going to court, and have long been involved in the formalities and turn… , Can be taken out of court, to fight against a righteous and experienced judge with experience and cost and less time to reach their right

The history of the judiciary is also greater than that, because humans have referred to the arbitrator since thousands of years ago to solve problems, and today, all countries have come to the end of many years, so that the arbitral chambers should be revived again. In the arbitration room, the judge’s decision is to validate the ruling. In addition, it saves time and money and the right to choose the arbitrator is with the parties themselves

Formation of arbitration institutions

Today, in order to reduce claims in justice, the legal system and people have increased to arbitration. One of the tools that makes arbitration more powerful and MANSJ metric, is creating arbitration institutions. As its name implies, the expertise and skills of these institutions are in arbitration. However, because of arbitration, such as judging the types of legal disputes, the arbitration institutions are also specialized in specific matters for better performance. For example, arbitration in international trade issues or arbitration in industrial matters, including topics that have determined the scope of activities of these institutions. Therefore, in certain cases, such as commercial or industrial and… Institutions can refer to the experts who have an expert in that field

Although arbitration is a human trait, but to prevent misuse of this phenomenon and to prevent the involvement of non-specialized and profitable individuals, the arbitral institution must be created and managed by people who have formal jurisdiction. And since arbitration is also in the practical field of lawyers and lawyers and perhaps they are more suitable with the law that they have to do with the laws, legal institutions can also proceed to judge. However, the main issue of their expertise is not arbitration and it is better to refer to official arbitration centers, which are sub-sets of bar associations. Or refer to arbitral institutions that have been created by experts, and their activities are in certain areas of legal matters (such as sports rights or labour rights or insurance) and have their own experts as well

Thankfully, the legal and arbitration team of the Dadban Edalat Yadegarian (DEY) Arbitration Institute has a dedicated and committed team that is qualified in the fields and also with relevant domestic and international education ready to resolve your disputes